AX 2014 Commissions, part 1

Finally caught up on this year’s convention season commissions. I had a lot spill over into after the cons ><;;;


1.) Eliza as Ragyo, Filia as Ryuko, and Valentine as Satsuki, commission for: http://filiasbooty.tumblr.com/ Filia’s expression was fun to draw haha

2.) Shino, commission for Zerion http://zerion.deviantart.com/ 

3.) The commissioner’s characters- I apparently didn’t write down enough contact info, if you are seeing this, please let me know the info if you’d like listed m(_)m

4,) Eliza !

5.) Speaking of Eliza… proto-Eliza! Kamila from Gaia Online, vs. Blaze, also from Gaia Online. Otami twins in the background. Blast from the past here owo/

6.) Musashi from the anime adaptation of Battleship, KantoCooler. Man, this took me forever to figure out. Thank goodness there is a figma of Yamato for easier understanding. 

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I took a shot at these as well.

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Selfies with the besties.

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also hello I’m sort of back, not really

Man, this entire anti-Gamergate thing…

People who support Gamergate are supposedly misogynistic in some shape or form. This is despite the fact that people from every walk of life support it, and not “white, fat, neckbearded nerds”. I can’t, for the life of me, rationalize how going for journalistic integrity is misogynistic.

"But they’re attacking Zoe Quinn!"

No one has been. For the longest time. There’s actually people trying to give out Smash codes if they posted “I <3 rape” and “death to Zoe Quinn” in the hashtag to discredit the movement. People were screencapping hate messages on twitter with the (you) still on the quotes for Pete’s sake.

I mean, really, I can’t understand. For the opposition, you have:

- Quinn actually doxxing a trans supporter of Gamergate
- Ben Kuchera refusing an interview with a trans gamedev because they support Gamergate
- People saying that minorities in #notyourshield are astroturfing, implying that they can’t have opinions on their own unless they’re being strung along! (“They’re all from the 4chan raid channel! *ALL OF THEM*!”)
- Someone actually photoshopping said people who support the movement to oust them out, only to get proven wrong
- Leigh Alexander threatening people who want to enter the gaming business

That doesn’t even cover all of it! I don’t even know what to say anymore, man.

Still, I’m optimistic about the results. Everything just seems to be working in Gamergate’s favor, and someday, we might see fair, just, and honest reviews about video games and video game happenings.

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mitsudomoe omg everyone please watch it please please

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i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your maid’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass



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